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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep the cost so low?

As a short-term rental property management company, you are expected to be available 24 hours per day, yet you do not necessarily need to be actively working for those 24 hours. Essentially, you're on call. This is the critical reason why hiring your own 24/7 guest support or operational team is so inefficient - you're paying for idle time.


Being a firm that specializes in operational support, we are able to work with several clients at once and as a result we can charge a reduced rate to each of our clients. But doesn't that mean our quality of service will decline? No, that's the secret superpower of our team. We combine our North American team leads who oversee a select group of clients with our expert short-term rental specialists located in the Philippines dedicated to your company.


Why the Philippines? After 5+ years of hiring outside the USA and Canada in our own businesses, we've found The Philippines to have the perfect mix of cost, English quality, culture fit, integrity, and availability. We're confident that if we didn't tell you where someone on our team was located that you wouldn't be able to know the difference.

How does your pricing work?

During the introductory phase, we carefully assess your needs, business size, and requirements to develop a tailored proposal based on three key factors:

Coverage Required - We work with you to determine the hours of coverage needed per day and the number of days per week to ensure comprehensive support.

Type of Services - Whether you require guest communication, vendor scheduling, full-service operations, or other specific services, we customize our support to meet your needs.

Number of Properties - We consider the total number of properties in your portfolio that you want us to assist with.

Based on the factors above, we create a personalized proposal for you. Our standard rate starts at $9.95 per hour for 24/7 guest support for portfolios of 45 properties or less. For portfolios exceeding 45 properties, we don't simply double the rate; instead, we work with you to develop a custom rate that ensures fair pricing and meets your specific needs.

Are there any extra fees such as onboarding fees, cancellation fees, or overage charges?

No, when you work with us you can count on no fees or overage charges. We work carefully to understand your needs and then create a proposal based upon the type of engagement that's best for you. Unexpected fees are the worst and its our responsibility to understand your needs upfront.

Can I have Guest Support 4 days per week instead of 7?

While we strongly recommend 24/7 support for several reasons such as increased experience for your guests, an added selling feature for your business, a cheaper hourly rate vs fractional support and continuity for our team dedicated to your company, we are flexible and can adapt to your needs for Guest Support so long as you meet our minimum of 2 days per week. Some clients prefer to start with a few days per week, or 16 hours per day instead of 24 and then once they are confident in our abilities they will increase our scope of work to 24/7.

Do you work with hotel, motels and other types of accommodation?

While we primarily service short-term rental management companies, we do have the ability and crossover experience to take on similar accommodation providers such as hotel, motels, glamping resorts etc.

Which markets do you serve?

We are based in Vancouver, Canada serving a growing portfolio of global companies and properties.

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